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We would like to talk to you about something you may have noticed in our e-shop: namely, the recent price increases on our products. Rather than just putting up the prices and expecting you to simply accept them, we want to explain the reasons behind this decision.

Since we first launched the game, prices have been soaring around the globe due to the ongoing pandemic. Unfortunately, these extra expenses have now also hit the gaming industry. Consequently, the prices of our game’s components, their distribution, manufacturing, and shipping have all increased by approximately 30%. This has left us with no choice but to raise the purchase price of EFS19.

We acknowledge that this will not be a popular decision, but it is – at this time – necessary.

However, we don’t want you, the fans, to take on the full burden of this rise in inflation. And so, rather than increasing the price of the game by 30%, we have decided to split the additional costs with you. This means just a 15% increase in the cost of Escape from Site 19. The other 15% is on the house!

On top of this, the price of the game candles and the scented candle set will go up by approximately 60%.

We hope you understand we are doing our best to keep prices down without sacrificing the integrity and quality of our product, and that this decision is in no way an attempt to line our pockets. Keep in mind that this is an exceptional situation which will (hopefully) not repeat itself in the foreseeable future. We also hope you will continue to support us by purchasing your copy of EFS19!