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Safety rules

  • Every participant of the game should understand that Escape from Site 19 is a game. It is fiction and not reality.
  • The game is intended for persons fully legally competent as per local laws.
  • Persons under the influence of alcohol and/or any psychotropic substances or pharmaceuticals that might temporarily alter their mental or physical faculties should not play the game. The same applies to any and all such substances with mind-altering effects.
  • Every participant must follow basic fire safety procedures when using game props with an open flame (such as the Candle, a lighter or matches). Every participant is obliged to act in a way to ensure that a fire does not break out.
  • No participant should be forced against his/her will to work on any task, especially if the actions of the task are in conflict with his/her beliefs, religion and/or the norms or regulations of his/her country. 
  • Every participant is required to consider his/her health and physical fitness when embarking on a task. If he believes that participating in a task may be detrimental to his/her physical or mental wellbeing, he should decline from taking part. Participants must in no way threaten or compromise the health or physical condition of any other participant while playing the game.
  • Every participant is required to consider any possible risks that may cause health complications for himself or any other participants when taking part in a game task, particularly if a task includes the use of bodily fluids.

Legislative provisions

  1. Every participant of the game plays at his/her own risk. The participant alone is responsible for ensuring his/her behavior complies with the regulations and local laws of his/her home country. Therefore, the participant must not embark on any game tasks that could be in direct conflict with the regulations of his/her home country. The participant alone is responsible for any damage caused by undertaking any game tasks. 
  2. The operator of the game is not liable for any possible illegal acts that result from the participant’s involvement in the game. The operator of the game does not carry responsibility for any damage, either consequential or compensational, caused to a participant or third parties as a result of using the game. 
  3. The operator of the game does not guarantee that the game will satisfy the participant’s expectations.
  4. The participant must accept each of the conditions listed above and confirms that he is fully legally capable and aware of the possible consequences of playing the game.
  5. The participant is entitled to apply defective performance rights according to the conditions listed in the corresponding regulations of his/her home country.
  6. Before playing the game, the participant must read, understand and acknowledge all of the game’s rules, the game usage instructions and any risks linked to playing this game.