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Frequently Asked Questions

About your order

The item is currently out of stock. However, you can place an order now and be among the first to receive it when we restock. As compensation for the inconvenience, you will receive a box of SCP matches and two random GOI candles as a gift when the order finally reaches you.

EFS19 is a beautifully-crafted game with high quality production values. It was researched, created, and developed by a large team of graphic designers, photographers, game analysts, copywriters, and SCP experts. Each of these people contributed to create more than 400 game cards based on anomalies and characters from the SCP universe. Every card displays unique color photography, and the game components are made from premium materials. The game also includes an exclusive SCP dice, matches, and a candle shaped like the Foundation logo.

After more than 100 betatests over the past 5 years, we have ensured that every game task is well-balanced and perfectly suited to its featured SCP. On top of this, EFS19’s multiple endings mean that it can be played over and over again. This makes EFS19 a complex, immersive SCP experience unlike any other. As such, we believe the base price of $109 reflects all the time and care poured into the creation of the game. 

PayPal provides all of its customers with a special type of buyer protection the seller pays for. Thus, to make sure we can provide this option for our global buyers using PayPal, an additional fee for this payment type is required. To make a payment without any fees, you can use the “Pay by card” option.

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Games are shipped within one week of an order being received.

Although we are not a huge company, we do our absolute best to maintain the highest possible levels of service. That is why we hand-pack and check every game and piece of merch that we dispatch. Please bear with us while we prepare and ship your copy of EFS19!

Thank you for purchasing Escape from Site 19. If you selected a regular postal delivery, please make sure you use the Czech Post Tracking systemUSPS, or 17Track, and that you enter your tracking number correctly.

If you selected a regular postal delivery, please make sure you use the Czech Post Tracking systemUSPS, or 17Track depending on the shipping method you selected, and that you enter your tracking number correctly. 

Standard shipping times to the US are anywhere between 25 and 45 working days. However, this is reliant on there being no complications. We are sorry that you haven’t received your package yet, but you may have to allow a little more time due to the ongoing pandemic. If you would like help tracking the current location of your package, contact us at

About EFS19's gameplay

A specially-designed candle in the shape of the SCP logo is indeed used for numerous tasks in EFS19. It is an integral part of the game’s atmospherics. Once it burns out, you can purchase a replacement candle at any time at our e-shop. Alternatively, a regular tealight may be used instead.

We recommend carefully reading the manual before you start to play. But even so, be prepared for a little chaos at first, because EFS19 is an unpredictable game, not least due to its numerous cards. On top of this, EFS19 requires teamwork, so it might be advisable to play with people that you know and trust, especially as the game may take as long as 3 hours to complete. However, do not fear! You will soon get the hang of things and the game’s complexity is part of the unique, immersive experience of EFS19. That said, should you need any specific assistance, you may contact us at any time through either of our social media channels, or at our Customer Care e-mail:

Escape from Site 19 does contain some challenging tasks. However, you should never feel compelled or coerced to take part in any aspect of the game with which you do not feel comfortable. To continue playing the game without working on or participating in a task, you can always place a token in Lockdown. Alternatively, if, at any time, you no longer want to play the game, you can simply take your Personal Item from the board and silently leave the room.

EFS19 is an extreme board game for players over the age of 18 and therefore contains extreme tasks that contribute to the SCP atmospherics. The task you are referring to, ‘Bad Composition’, is one of the more challenging tasks in EFS19. While it does require a few drops of a player’s blood for its completion, it certainly does not require you to draw the blood at any risk to your personal safety. Should you have any doubts regarding the gameplay or safety of the game, we encourage you to read the gameplay manual, which is downloadable for free as a .pdf on our website and contains all necessary game-related information as well as a complete list of the Safety Rules. Also, don’t forget, you can always avoid working on a task by placing a Lockdown token during gameplay!

You don’t need to be an SCP expert to play Escape from Site 19. Both the manual and the card descriptions contain guidelines as to how the SCP universe functions, as well as explanations of SCPs and an introduction to every Foundation character included in the game. So even if your friends are yet to experience the thrills of the SCP universe, we are confident they will find a lot to like in the game mechanics, the role-play, and the mysterious, horrifying, mind-bending stories that make EFS19 an experience not to be missed!


About our future plans

Right now, the game is only available in English. However, we are working on a series of foreign language translations that can be added to any copy you already own. Therefore there is no need to wait for our translations to be finished to buy the game!

Yes, we’re already working on new game expansions. Please stay tuned as we’ll be releasing one in the near future!

Our primary focus is on developing new cards and expansions for the game. Merchandise is more of a supplementary and occasional offering, released in limited quantities.