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EFS19 has decided to support the SCP-7000 competition!

Is Escape from Site 19 coming soon in Polish?

As our fan base in Poland rapidly grows, we’ve decided to expand the EFS19 product family to include a Polish version of the board game. This comes alongside a new expansion inspired by the Polish SCP Wiki, along with some additional surprises for you.

Retrospective of 2023

2023 is coming to an end so we thought we’d compile a list of the challenges we’ve had to overcome and our achievements this year…

Dev Diaries VII: How to create a price tag for a board game

Over the past couple of months, we’ve received a few questions about the price of EFS19. For example: how did we arrive at the specific price? And does it cost more because of the quality of the materials used? In this episode of the series, we’ve asked one of the main creators of Escape from Site 19, Kamil, to share his ideas on this issue.


Immerse yourself in the second part of our interview with Harry Blank, the talented writer behind SCP-7000 and a whole lot of other SCP-related content. Discover more about his life and writing background and gain a broader sense of the SCP Wiki.

Interview with an SCP author – part 1

Harry Blank is the esteemed author of multiple SCP Wiki pages and winner of the SCP-7000 contest. As a tribute to this accomplishment, we are proud to be unveiling a booster pack containing several ‘lucky’ cards designed to elevate EFS19’s gameplay and commemorate SCP-7000. In the process of developing this booster pack, we had the incredible opportunity to interview the mastermind behind SCP-7000, and were fortunate enough to gain some insight into his personal background and connection to the SCP universe. So dive into the fascinating world of the SCPs and uncover its secrets!