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EFS19 has decided to support the SCP-7000 competition!


This year we have decided to Secure, Contain, and Protect our deadlines with a perpetual wall calendar. So let us introduce our new product, the Uncontained Anomalies Calendar, which can be used over and over again!

Dev Diaries VI: The Illustrations: A Retrospective

Today’s issue of our Dev Diaries is really special. It ties in with issue V, “The birth of an illustration”, but also has a very personal twist to it. I asked our main card illustrator, Karolína, to take us through the illustrations she most and least liked creating. This time, therefore, there will be more pictures than text. So read on to find out which SCP pictures were her favorite ones to create and which were the trickiest!

Dev Diaries V: The birth of an illustration

You may have had the chance to admire the illustrations on our EFS19 cards, or perhaps even on the SCP wiki, where several of them are being used! So surely you’re curious to hear how we imagine, source, design, and edit these pictures?