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SCP Matches

Every EFS19 player glows with the hope of one day owning their own SCP matchbox. So we’re here to brighten your day. Because you can now obtain our SCP matches separately from the game. So check out our lit offer and shed a little light on the anomalies lurking in the darkness.

  • SCP Matches

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Other products

An extreme board game from the SCP universe. Will steal the dark hearts of any horror/adventure RPGs out there.
  • EFS19 Board Game

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Out of stock, on pre-order

The Security Protocols are designed for those of you who have already escaped Site 19, but are ready to try again, this time in Beast Mode!

  • Additional Security Protocols

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Enhance your Escape from Site 19 experience with this brand new booster pack. Based on the theme of luck, it contains six task cards that’ll test your limits and a Thaumiel with a twist.

  • The SCP-7000 Contest Pack

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Secure, Contain, and Protect your schedule with this perpetual SCP wall calendar

  • Uncontained Anomalies Calendar

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Exclusive set of scented candles inspired by the logos of different Groups of Interest.

  • GoI Candles

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EFS19 contains an exclusive Foundation candle, which is integral to gameplay. However, it will burn out over time, so we recommend ordering several of them.

  • The candle

    Extra candles

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