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Group of interest candles

Exclusive set of scented candles inspired by the logos of different Groups of Interest.

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scent: vanilla

Dr. Wondertainment, Ltd. is a manufacturer of anomalous children’s toys. Its “Little Misters”, a line of anomalous humanoid dolls, are highly sought-after collector’s items.


The Church of the Broken God

scent: cinnamon

The Church of the Broken God is a sect that worships a broken mechanical deity. Its higher purpose is to repair the entity. According to the sect’s dogma, its completion will bring about a global techno-organic revolution.



scent: avocado

Prometheus Labs, Inc. was attempting to find the missing link between the anomalous and the human when a health and safety oversight led to its destruction. The Foundation recruited the survivors.


The Fifth Church

scent: eucalyptus

The Fifth Church is an anomalous cult connected to the number five. It has warped the reality of our world several times, provoking chaos and establishing itself in hostile opposition to the Foundation.


GOC (Global Occult Coalition)

scent: mint

The GOC was founded after WWII as a union of the world’s mystics and psychics. It boasts members from the Illuminati and the Knights Templar, as well as Satanists. Its objective is to destroy any anomaly that may threaten our world.


The Chaos Insurgency

scent: coffee

The Chaos Insurgency is a rogue group, splintered from the Foundation. Some say The CI’s sole purpose is to destroy its former ally. Others say it is still affiliated, but working in the shadows, executing the Foundation’s less ethical activities.

  • GoI Candles

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The Security Protocols are designed for those of you who have already escaped Site 19, but are ready to try again, this time in Beast Mode!

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Enhance your Escape from Site 19 experience with this brand new booster pack. Based on the theme of luck, it contains six task cards that’ll test your limits and a Thaumiel with a twist.

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Secure, Contain, and Protect your schedule with this perpetual SCP wall calendar

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EFS19 contains an exclusive Foundation candle, which is integral to gameplay. However, it will burn out over time, so we recommend ordering several of them.

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    Extra candles

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Every EFS19 player glows with the hope of one day owning their own SCP matchbox. So we’re here to brighten your day. Because you can now obtain our SCP matches separately from the game. So check out our lit offer and shed a little light on the anomalies lurking in the darkness.

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