The SCP-7000 competition!

EFS19 has decided to support the SCP-7000 competition!

Banner Art by Aethris

We offer:

To create an illustration for the winning article free of charge!


To create a SCP-7000 card for our game, based on the winning article!

We can’t wait to read the entries and good LUCK if you plan to enter!


Only a week until voting closes! We’ve already started working on how we might approach adapting the front-running articles and are looking forward to seeing who wins! They’ve all been very fun to read!


Only 15 days until voting closes! Have your say at Also check out if you’re looking for some light entertainment. We are delighted by how many great articles were submitted for SCP-7000 and can’t wait to see who will come out on top!


Voting has been closed and the winner has been announced! Congratulations to HarryBlank! We are looking forward to their future work! There has been many great entries and we loved watching the contest happen