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The Mysterious Disappearance of the BGG Reviews…

If you own Escape from Site 19 and are a collector of our promo cards, you probably know about our recent offer: a When Day Breaks promo card in return for a BoardGameGeek review. We’re also pretty sure you’ll know it was an honest offer, one that neither asked for nor required embellishment or exaggeration.

However, after the events of the past three days, we now regretfully have to withdraw this offer. But don’t worry, cards owed to those of you who have already submitted your review will be dispatched in due course.

What actually happened?

Well, in short, your reviews made us look too good! BoardGameGeek simply couldn’t believe they were real!

But this is only part of the story. Because it turns out we were deemed to have breached BGG’s ToCs by offering an incentive for the reviews. This came as a great surprise as we had read the conditions carefully and asked for nothing more than feedback from our fans. However, by the time we appealed, the decision had been made…

And so, unfortunately, the vast majority of the beautiful reviews you left us have been deleted (and more recent ones are being deleted as you read this). Luckily, we’ve preserved every single one of them with screenshots, so rest assured: no review escaped our eyes.

If you’d like to check out how our profile looked before the reviews were deleted, we are preserving it here.

But we are still disappointed. The reason we wanted reviews was to provide an objective and holistic view of the game for any of you who are still waiting to buy EFS19 and are seeking more information. After all, what could give you a more authentic picture of Escape from Site 19 than the honest opinions of people who have experienced it?

So, what’s our plan B?

We’ve already uploaded a selection of reviews that were deleted from BGG to our website. You may check them out in the Reviews tab!

If you’d like to receive a When Day Breaks promo card, you may leave us a review on our Discord server, in the #reviews section. The same rules apply to these reviews as was the case on BoardGameGeek (recommended length of 50 words, informative, it does not matter whether your review is positive or negative). Before you submit your review, be sure to check out our guide!

We will still be grateful to anyone who also leaves us a review on BoardGameGeek! We will be checking in there regularly and feature the most interesting reviews here, on our website.

So, keep your eyes open and we, in return, will keep you updated about any progress on this matter!