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We care deeply about our fans. That’s why we’d like YOU to decide which SCPs will appear on the three promo cards we’ll produce in 2022.

Each of the cards will feature an original photograph or exclusive picture of an SCP and a thrilling task. The artwork and texts will be created by our team, but please feel free to share your task ideas with us when you comment on your favorite SCP!

Whether you’re already a proud owner of EFS19 or still deciding whether to buy it, you must’ve noticed how much care goes into the design and manufacture of the game cards. After all, each SCP is given its own photoshoot with props, actors, and professional post-production! And we’ve shared enough behind-the-scenes footage in the past to prove it!

So if you’d like to see how we go about photographing or painting YOUR favorite SCP, don’t hesitate to let us know which one it is, by commenting on one of our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram posts.