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Retrospective of 2023

2023 is coming to an end so we thought we’d compile a list of the challenges we’ve had to overcome and our achievements this year…

We were thrilled to unveil our auspicious expansion, THE SCP-7000 CONTEST PACK. Inspired by the theme of LUCK, this pack features six task cards that’ll test your limits more than ever. Their creation certainly tested us. We worked tirelessly to ensure that each new challenge not only embraced the concept of fortune, but also enhanced your gaming experience. After all, no one likes to lose on the mere roll of a dice!

Remarkably, our stock sold out not once but twice this year… first during our summer sale and then just before Christmas. We really are grateful for such high demand!

Additionally, we came remarkably close to releasing the Polish version of EFS19, which we hope will be available for you next year. We have almost finished the translation and are now working on a few final details, such as translating the main website, creating a Polish social media presence, and finding a good manufacturer. So here’s hoping our latest project will be ready to ship in 2024!

And there’s so much more in store! We’re diligently working on new SCP surprises for you. So stay tuned for what awaits!