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Help us decide the future of Escape From Site 19!

We have listened to the community and we wanted to provide a way to directly contribute to the game! We prepared for you several options for SCPs to add in the next expansions, check them out!


Vikander-Kneed Media Representative

Vikander-Kneed Technical Media is a is a group of interest with special ability to engineer tapes, CDs or TV broadcasts with various anomalous properties. Given the ability to rapidly spread this, they have been considered dangerous. In EFS19 the character would have the ability to receive a time bonus instead of the usual AK reward.They could also extend the time limit on any card with AKs


SCP-0001 "The Good Boy"

Your attempts to escape have been marked as ineffective. Please use a card from the used cards pile in addition to the one you drawn


SCP-7938 "Remain Calm"

As long as you cooperate, you may be allowed to live. This card gives you the ability to withstand arbitrary number of punishments, as long as your dedication is pure


SCP-5999 "This is Where I Died"

Sometimes, life ends. And sometimes its important to know why. Role play a dissection of another player for several minutes.

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