EFS19 Board Game

Site 19 has experienced a catastrophic containment breach. Previously secured anomalies are now roaming free. You are one of a handful of human survivors. Can you escape before it’s too late?

Escape from Site 19 takes place in the world of the SCP Foundation, a secret organization dedicated to containing paranormal entities that would otherwise threaten human life and our perceptions of reality. Unlike other board games, EFS19 requires you to work together as a team to complete physical and mental challenges of varying difficulties. Conquer your fears, push your boundaries, dig deep, and pool the team’s resources to beat the game.



180 min.

Game category: 
Horror | For players seeking a challenge | Adventure

The game is in English


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GoI candles pack?

This pack contains six unique candles based on several Groups of Interest: The Church of the Broken God, The Chaos Insurgency, Dr. Wondertainment, Prometheus Labs, The Global Occult Coalition and The Fifth Church. Each candle has its own distinctive scent, typical for its Group of Interest, including Mint, Coffee, Eucalyptus, and [REDACTED].

Extra candles?

EFS19 contains an exclusive Foundation candle, which is integral to gameplay. However, it will burn out over time, so we recommend ordering several of them.

The candle
Game Box

An extreme board game set in the SCP universe

There has been a containment breach at the Foundation’s Site 19. You are a Foundation member, in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Site is crawling with anomalies, some strangely wondrous, others formidable and monstrous. To escape, you will have to face them all.

Confront the paranormal as a team

You and your team are the only human survivors on the Site. You will need to elude, contain, or defeat each SCP before they outwit or overpower you. But who is on your team? A colleague from the Foundation? A member of a rival Group of Interest? Or a Chaos Insurgency saboteur hell-bent on impeding your every effort? Time is running out. You will have to put aside your differences and work together if you stand a chance of rising to each challenge and securing your escape.

Venture beyond your comfort zone

Each and every anomalous encounter will present a challenge – some physical, some mental – and all of them tough. You will have to make quick decisions, push your body to its limits, endure the unimaginable, share awkward truths, and put your brain cells to the test. Some tasks will be for you alone, others will require the help of the entire team. But they each have one thing in common: they are all going to take you out of your comfort zone…

An unpredictable RPG with multiple endings

No matter whether you are a fan of the SCP Universe, board games, or the horror genre, Escape from Site 19 will thrill you, challenge you, and exceed your expectations. Prepare for an experience unlike any other. Prepare to work as a team or face defeat. Prepare to enter Site 19.

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