How to get the SCP-0001: When Day Breaks exclusive promo card?

Dear Escapists,
did you believe that your EFS19 experience would have to end by you and your friends playing the game?

Let us present you with a new challenge, then. Leave Escape from Site 19 a rating and a comment reviewing the game at and have an exclusive When Day Breaks promo card mailed right to you as a reward at no additional cost! You can use this card to enrich your next gameplay.

You will receive the promo card if:

  • you leave a rating and a comment reviewing the game on our BoardGameGeek page
  • you add a comment that we recommend to be about 50 words long, but we’ll appreciate longer reviews also!
  • your comment is unique and actually written by you (we will thoroughly check it for plagiarism)


NOTE: We will not judge whether the comment+rating are positive or negative, rather than its informative  and constructive value.

Check out our guide for more info.

While this is not a contest and whoever leaves us a proper review will receive this promo card, we reserve the right to judge the quality of your review.

Take care and we can’t wait to hear about your experiences while playing EFS19!

Sincerely, the EFS19 team